Thursday, July 19, 2007

ALEXANDRIA ..... I'm loving it !!!

Our journey to Alexandria or Iskandariah took 2 1/2 hours by van. At first we wanted to get there by train but it was fully booked....

Alexandria is 225km from Cairo and it is a beautiful beach city with the Mediterranean sea along the city line. Its a combination of modern western and old arab design city.

We stayed at Amoun Hotel , very close to the military monument and the beach. We reached Alex at 11pm and same like in Cairo, the people and the city were still alive and partying all night long...It's summer !!

The next day we hired a taxi with the driver as our tour guide and we visited all these places in Alex:

Montazah Palace...... This 115 acre complex is surrounded by great walls from the south, east and west, and with the beach on its north side. This area used to belong to the Mohamed Ali family, that ruled Egypt from the mid 19th century until 1952. The construction was started in 1892 by King Abbas II, who built a large palace inside the complex called the Salamlek. In 1932, King Fuad built a larger palace and called it the Haramlik. His son, King Farouk, built a bridge to the sea to act as a water front. The rest of the 115 acres is nothing but beautiful gardens. Palm trees and gazelles cover the area. This is a wonderful spot to enjoy the beauty of Alexandria.

*Alexandria Museum...we just dropped by the entrance since we have visited the Egyptian Museum where almost all valuables ancient treasure are kept.

Alexandria Bibliotheca..the biggest library in Egypt.

*Qaitbay Citadel.....The Qaitbay Citadel in Alexandria is considered one of the most important defensive strongholds not only in Egypt but also on the Mediterranean Sea coast. It formulated an important part of the fortification system of Alexandria in the 15th century AD.

*Masjid Al Abbas Al Mursi

* Pompey's Pillar..a pillar of 25m tower ...a column came from a ruined temple of Serapis.

*Catacombs of Kom es-Shoqafa.....a triple level descends 35m underground consisted of old roman /greek and pharaoh tombs.

*Makam Nabi Daniel

Makam Abu Darda'..... Our prophet's companion.

Military monument

Fish Market Restaurant.. a famous seafood restaurant not only in Alexandria but also in Egypt....the food was yummy ( quite expensive though ! )

(More photos of the * sites will be updated later as safiyyah's camera uses different type of cable and she left it in Ukraine, get to buy new cable....)

I love Alexandria.... the scenery and the people make me feel at home...

Next destination in Egypt.....ASWAN........ the Nile and the Nubein City folks...


zlaa said...

Salam. Welcome back home. Amboi, puasnya jalan. Jealous I. Bila-lah I dapat g sana??

Anonymous said...

best2..teruskan menulis kenangan disana + thaqofah saya..

D said...

cantik kan Alexandria? Errr.. pinjam buku tak kat khutubtanah terbesar kat Egypt tu? HeHe..

Pi Bani said...

Amboi seronoknya dapat gi holiday. Kita ni dapat tumpang tengok gambar pun jadilah...

Btw, regarding buying a different cable for Safiyyah's camera, why don't you buy a card reader instead? It's not expensive, and you can use it for any camera, just take out the memory card from the camera and insert into the card reader. It's small and very practical to bring anywhere pun compared to a cable.

maklang said...

bestnya...bila lah nak dapat pi sana ek...mintak2 ada rezeki nanti, InsyaAllah...

TQ for sharing...

Kak Elle said...

Rina eygpt in my list now:)waiting for next episode.

silversarina said...


syok pergi jalan, ambik peluang dah dekat sangat dengan jordan... nanti you pun boleh pergi jalan-jalan dengan anak-anak , mesti best round satu europe...



Thanks for waiting for us at the port....InsyaAllah makcik tulis but tak pandai karang panjang-panjang :)

silversarina said...


Alex memang cantik ( I kata pada anak-anak , kalau nak tinggal di egypt I nak tinggal di Alex !! )

Tengok je library tu, kalau tinggal kat Alex boleh pinjam buku :)


pi bani,

setahun sekali berjalan bolehlah, nak kerap kurang ongkosnya :)

card reader ada dah tapi safiyyah punya camera ni sim cardnya size irregular pulak , kena guna cable die je boleh dia beli kat ukraine, made in indonesia, cap apa entah.... :)

silversarina said...


ajak cik abang gi jalan egypt, bawak duit banyak untuk shopping jugak , egypt memang best :)


kak elle,

tak lawat egypt rugi tau kak elle, memang tempat pelancong dari serata dunia.... next episode yang paling best pada I , nantikan.... ewahhh !!